National Dizzy and Balance Center at CSM

NDBC was proud to have three of it’s Physical Therapists presenting this year at the American Physical Therapy Associations annual, CSM.  CSM is a conference which draws 14,000 PTs from all over the country .

Sara Oxborough presented on how to evaluate and treat motion induced disorders.  Her talk highlighted Mal de Debarquement and Motion Sensitivity, two disorders with vestibular involvement and limited research.  She educated fellow Physical Therapists on which screening and assessment techniques to use for this population and strategies to reduce symptoms of dizziness, improve balance control, and optimize function in patients with these disorders.

Katie Smith presented a case study on a particular type of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).  This rare type of BPPV she highlighted is called Apogeotropic Posterior Canal BPPV.  Apogeotropic Posterior Canal BPPV presents with a torsional downbeating nystagmus in Dix Halpike position on the opposite side of the affected ear.  Often times this type of nystagmus is misinterpreted as Anterior Canal BPPV.   In her case study she described an effective treatment and outcomes for a patient with this type of BPPV.

Pat Maetzold presented a case study on treating a patient who has migraines. Migraines are complex medical conditions influenced by a variety of factors. There is typically no cure, instead symptoms are managed. The purpose of her case study was to demonstrate effective management of migraines through education and intervention within the context of the individual as a whole. She also encourage therapists to develop treatment plans that go beyond treating initial impairments and incorporate improvement of functional limitations and disabilities.

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