How to adjust a cane to the right height for you

Generally, it’s best to use the cane in the hand opposite your painful or weaker leg.

For a standard “single end” cane, stand straight and rest the cane next to your leg, with your arm resting at your side next to the cane. The handle of the cane should be where your wrist bends.

To adjust the height (it’s safest to do this seated if you are unsteady), loosen the band that’s around the lower part of the cane by twisting it to the left. Push in the height adjustment button and slide the cane together or apart to the height you need. Tighten the band near the end of the cane by twisting rightward.

When you hold the cane, place it just slightly ahead of you and a little out to the side. You will have a slight bend in your elbow if it is the right height.

Canes can be customized with add-ons that can improve safety, such as metal attachments to add to the bottom for snow and ice, and clip-on lights to help you safely navigate dimly lit areas.

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