5 Tips to a Less Dizzy Halloween

Trick or treat!

Going trick or treating with your kids or grandkids can be extra challenging if you have dizzy and balance problems.  Here are 5 tips to help keep you more steady and safe this holiday.

Use a flashlight.

One of the systems you use for balance is your vision.  Having a light with you when it starts to get dark will allow you to better utilize your vision for balance.

Go early

This time of year, the sun sets around 6:00pm.  Try to get out early with your family so you can  get as many houses as possible before it gets dark.

Try trick or treating at a community event or a Trunk or Treat

Does your community have an event you could go to? Having a one stop shop for all your candy needs will help decrease the amount of time you will be out collecting candy, and how far you have to walk outside.

Use a walking stick or an assistive device

Your strongest sense for balance is your sense of touch.  Using a walking stick or cane allows to “feel” the world and helps keep you steady when walking on uneven ground.

Go with another adult

Having another set of eyes on your kids is always helpful.  They can also be used as a backup and take over trick or treating with the kids if your symptoms intensify.

If you are experiencing dizziness or balance difficulties, our specialized physical therapists and physical therapist assistants may be able to help. Contact one of our clinics to find out more, 952-345-3000.

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