What to expect during the first few weeks of your new hearing aid

Hearing aids will bring you closer to your loved ones and keep you connected with friends and family, but as with any new device, there is a learning curve.  Knowing what to expect during the first few weeks will help you get the most out of your new hearing aids and help decrease any possible frustration. Once you have fully adjusted to your hearing aids, you will be able to get the most benefit from your new ears!

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  1.  Hearing a wide range of sounds for the first time in many decades can be overwhelming at first. Make a commitment to get used to your hearing aids. Your positive attitude and strong desire to hear better are crucial to your success.




2.  At first, your own voice may sound different. That is because it is being amplified by your hearing aids. Most people get used to the way their voice sounds within several days. If not, there are countless adjustments that can be made.

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3.  Modern hearing aids automatically select the appropriate volume level depending on the type of environment you are in. Do not try to understand soft voices over a great distance. Even people with normal hearing cannot do that successfully.



4.  If you have volume control, be careful when increasing the volume. Too much volume can cause distortion, which will actually make it more difficult to understand speech.

talking5.  Most importantly, we live in a noisy world. People with normal hearing can suppress interfering or distracting noises by focusing their attention on sounds they want to hear. Your hearing aids will reintroduce you to many sounds you may have forgotten like the ticking of a clock, paper being crumpled, foot steps, etc. Because you have not heard these sounds in a very long time, it is possible that you have lost the ability to ignore sounds that are not important. The best way to re-learn this skill is to wear your hearing aids as much as possible.

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