Recent Migraine Research

Recent research continues to help us better understand migraines, including how and why they occur and how to treat them. Below is a roundup of some of the latest findings along with links if you want to read more.

  • A new study estimates about one quarter of people who have had dizziness or imbalance for a year are suffering from vestibular migraines.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation therapy was found to improve headaches and dizziness in patients who suffered from vestibular migraines as well as those with dizziness and tension headaches. Link to study.
  • Connections are being discovered between migraines and convergence, which is how the brain and eyes work together to see an object as one, rather than two. Changes in convergence can lead to eye strain, dizziness and difficulty with reading. Vision therapy using specific exercises for convergence helped improve symptoms for the migraine patients in this case study.  Link to study.
  • This article is more anecdotal. It discusses how migraine sufferers have noted being affected by recent hurricane activity, likely due to the barometric pressure changes. It also references a 2000 study that found a connection between weather and headaches.
  • Patients with a history of migraines were found to have higher than normal cranial and upper cervical muscle activity, even though they weren’t currently experiencing a headache.  Link to study.

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