4 Tips to a Less Stressed Thanksgiving

Hearing loss and family gatherings aren’t always a recipe for an enjoyable evening.  Being smart and planning ahead can improve your chances for a less stressed, more pleasurable evening.

1.       Wear your hearing aids! 

You have hearing aids for a reason. Make sure to take advantage of them. Try experimenting with different volume and program settings to see what works best for you.

2.       Pick a good seat. 

Not all seats are created equal. Do you have a better ear? If so, make sure you position your better ear towards the people you want to converse with. Try to sit with your back facing a wall. This will help minimize any background noise. If you want to speak to someone, minimize the distance between you and your communication partner.

3.       Don’t fake it. 

Did you misunderstand something? Did you miss the last part of that sentence or joke? Others cannot tell you missed part of the conversation. This is why it is important that you speak up and ask for repetition or clarification to stay fully engaged in the conversation around you.

4.       Have realistic expectations. 

Even with hearing aids, there will be times that you just can’t follow the conversation. Try not to get frustrated. Enjoy the conversation that you can participate in. Take note of situations you struggled in and report back to your audiologist to see if adjustments can be made to your hearing aids.


The Hearing Clinic at the National Dizzy and Balance Center provides complete hearing care needs.  We are able to precisely evaluate your hearing to determine your specific  needs.   Our Doctors of Audiology are here to help you decide which type of hearing aid is best for you.  To schedule an appointment, call 952-345-3000 today!