Hearing Aids and Smartphones

Step 1:

Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on by going to settings then Bluetooth.

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Step 2:

Go to Settings⇒ General⇒ Accessibility⇒ MFi Hearing Devices

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Step 3:

Your phone should automatically find your hearing aids. If it does not, then open and close your battery doors. Under Devices, your hearing aids should be listed and say “Not Connected”


Step 4:

Select your hearing aids under “Devices”. Then your phone will ask you to pair your hearing aids individually. Select “Pair”. You will do this twice, one for each hearing aid. Or only once if you have one hearing aid.


Step 5:

Now that your hearing aids are connected, you should be able to see the battery life of your hearing aids, adjust volume, and decide if you want sound to stream to both hearing aids or just one.


Step 6:

Once the hearing aids are connected, the “Triple Click” function is now activated. Press the home button on your phone three times, quickly (if you do not press it fast enough, it will not register as a “Triple Click”)

Step 7:

Once the “Triple Click” menu is pulled up, you can adjust the volume and change programs quickly without having to manually press the button on your hearing aid.

The Hearing Clinic at the National Dizzy and Balance Center provides complete hearing care needs.   Our Doctors of Audiology perform a free hearing aid evaluation where they

  • Assess your lifestyle.  Finding what hearing aids will fit you best.
  • Trial hearing aids that are programmed to your hearing needs
  • Further diagnostic testing to ensure proper programming of your hearing aids.
  • Answer any other questions you may have.

To schedule an appointment, call 952-345-3000 today!