Parkinson’s Disease Program: LSVT BIG

What Is It?
There are 2 separate programs – LSVT LOUD and LSVT BIG. The original program was LSVT LOUD, which was developed 20+ years ago and is a voice treatment performed by speech therapists to improve speech in those with Parkinson’s Disease. After a lot of research, LSVT BIG was developed based on the fundamental principles of LSVT LOUD. At NDBC, we only offer the LSVT BIG treatment, not LSVT LOUD.

LSVT BIG is an intensive amplitude-based exercise program for the limb motor system, involving re-education of the sensorimotor system. The fundamental treatment principles are Parkinson’s specific, neuroplasticity-based, and research-based. The program involves treating AMPLITUDE as a single focus, hence the name BIG. The goal is that patients learn to use bigger movements automatically in everyday living and with long-term carryover. This single focus carries over to bigger movements, faster movement, and better quality movement in their daily activities.

How Does It Work?
LSVT BIG is an intensive, high effort program based on increasing movement amplitude and sensory calibration for generalization to functional activities and movements.

It involves a Physical Therapy Evaluation, followed by 60 minute therapy sessions 4x/week for 4 consecutive weeks, and a discharge appointment for a total of 18 visits.

Treatments consist of a set of exercises focusing on BIG movements, 5 functional movement exercises that are specific to the patient, and 1-2 bigger tasks (such as bed mobility, getting dressed, preparing a meal) that the patient has difficulty with. The patient will be issued a folder and packet with instructions on what to do at home in between sessions. At the evaluation, the PT and patient will come up with different issues relating to their Parkinson’s disease that they would like to improve.

For more information and some videos of people who have gone through the program please visit  LSVT’s website.

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